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Night Leg Cramps

Just a note to let you know we are amazed with your anti-cramp lotion. My wife and I have BOTH been using it. It is absolutely incredible how effective and quick to act it is.

When we first tried it last year while in Florida, my wife was having foot/arch and calf cramps which were almost impossible to stop.  We had to let it run its course and try to massage the affected area for relief.  We tried other possible remedies, quinine water, nothing seemed to stop the cramp and the accompanying discomfort. Then we tried your lotion and it was terrific. We applied it to the affected area and within seconds she had relief. I have sporadic, less-frequent cramping of my toes and I tried the lotion and have realized the same positive effect.

My wife keeps the bottle on her night table so it is there and available to give her the almost instant relief from these cramps. Amazing is the key word here.

Edward O.

Night Leg Cramps

...Leg cramps are a thing of the past.  How wonderful it is to not have those cramps wake me up in the middle of the night.

Jean F.
Charlie Horse and RLS

I have used Trio on my restless leg syndrome before with great success.  I tried it for the first time for mucle cramps.  I had a charlie horse in my left leg for 36 striaght hours within 5 to 10 mins after applying Trio it was completly gone . I could not believe it.

Donald G.
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Night Leg Cramps

I've only had my Trio Lotion for a few days and had to use it twice.  My cramps are sometimes in the calf muscle, but more often in my toes, arch, and top of the feet. Until now, when a cramp hit, I would only get relief by jumping out of bed and standing firmly on the affected foot until I felt some relief, then squat at the side of the bed until it subsided.....not a fun ritual when waking from a sound sleep.

Twice now, at the first sign of a cramp, I reached for my bottle of Triolotion and quickly rubbed it onto the affected foot.  Within seconds, the building pain stopped cold!  The only reason I couldn't fall back to sleep was because I was wide-eyed with disbelief that this could work so fast.  Thank you Stan Hurd for this magic potion...

Danny O.
Back Spasms

I've had killer pain in my shoulder for years - i could hardly move it.  After using Trio it is completely gone!  I worship you like gods!

Carol B.

(Webmaster's note:  Our friend here is obviously given to hyperbole, but we're certainly glad she found relief.)
Night Leg Cramps

Hi I am a 27 year diabetic and I have had severe leg cramps for about 3 years now and have not had a good nights sleep. I recently went to keyword on my computer and typed in leg cramps, up popped the Trio lotion and I was intrigued and clicked to view. Well skeptical as I am I had to read the testimonials and prayed that they were true, so many were happy with the Trio. I made my first purchase about 1 month ago and have used it every night. Now 3 weeks ago I slipped and fell in the tub severely injuring my right knee. The throbbing hurt so bad so I used the trio in the day time too and it helped me so much so I just purchased three of the big bottles and a small one for my purse. I have sent one to my mom who has Rheumatoid arthritis and will update you on her results .Thanks so much the Trio has saved me from leg cramps and pain I am so thankful to the makers. I have only had one bout with leg cramps since I started using Trio and they were not nearly as severe as before, they seemed to let up very quick. I am so very pleased with the results of the Trio lotion. Thanks a bunch to the makers they have turned my life around for the better because it really does work and I would recommend to anyone with aches, pains and especially leg cramps.

Thank you forever,
Sheri O.

Everything (Webmaster's note: we aren't sure what she used it for, but she liked it!)

I thank the day I found this lotion, it absolutely does all you advertised. The lotion works wonders in a very short time.


Karin T.
Night Leg Cramps

I am getting ready to order my second bottle of Trio lotion.  The results were amazing.  I have been suffering for quite some time from severe nighttime leg cramps.   There have been some during the day, but not a lot.  I was desperate when I signed onto the internet and typed in leg cramps.  I received the bottle 3 days later and I have finally found relief.  ...  Thanks for a miracle product.  I am using only when I get the leg cramps.  I intend to start using it on a regular basis for preventive measure.

Carol W.
Night Leg Cramps

Trio lotion has been a real help in stopping severe nighttime leg cramps due to neuropathy and poor circulation as a result of Chemotherapy. I definatley recommend it to others. Thank you so much.

Mary B.
Night Leg Cramps

Dear Folks at Trio Lotion
I'm about to place a second order. My first order was for one small bottle, just to give the product a try, as I have done with other products over the years. This is my testimonial, are you ready? How can I thank you???

I have suffered with the most "God-awful" nocturnal leg cramps for so many years. Not just the run-of-the-mill Charley-Horse type cramps, but mind-boggling I-can't-stand-another-moment-of-this-agony cramps.
I have been from Doctor to Doctor to Doctor, for tests and more tests. Have done countless internet searches on "nocturnal leg cramps". I've spoken with Physical Therapists, Alternative Healing Practitioners, ad infinitum. I've tried Calcium/Magnesium, Potassium, drinking vinegar, eating mustard, doing stretches, taking muscle relaxers, drinking quinine, taking sublingual quinine pills, taking all kinds of pain pills, sleeping sitting up, legs up, legs down,  putting soap under my sheets, you name it, I've done it. Some with moderate success, some with no success at all.
So I half-heartedly ordered your lotion, just to try it, as I have everything else.

It works.

I am stunned, amazed, so grateful, you have no idea.  ... You, my friends, have saved my life.

Ilene P.
Lower Back and Leg Pain

Thank you for producing this great product. I suffer from chronic lower lumbar back pain as well as restless leg syndrome, and varicose veins. The pain spreads from my lower back to the buttocks, both legs and feet. After applying the lotion I feel it working immediately. I am able to sit or lay down longer without the constant pain. I keep it nearby to ease the next pain attack.
Night Leg Cramps

My story nearly mirrors the comments from Ilene P. Florida.
I have also done the soap under the sheets, even flatware under the sheets, I stretch before bed, and during the daytime,done the sublingual quinine pills, spent many nights in the recliner, fearing and even dreading night coming.
I have had all kinds of tests, nothing wrong with me, and yet I would just doze off at night in bed, and bam it would hit me, toes, arches, calves and thigh muscle .  I get up walk them off, which most nights means 1/2 hour up out of bed, back to bed only to be hit right away again, same routine, walk it off.  You can see I was getting little to no sleep and what I did get had no quality to it. 
I purchase this lotion  thinking oh well what harm can it do and it won't work either but.... it came, set it aside, didn't use it, decided one evening to put it on my legs and feet, dries rather quickly, and off to bed, knowing it was not going to help.  Lo, and behold, I woke up and it was 6 a.m. and I had not experienced any cramps in the night!!!  I can not vouch for it working every night as I have only just last night begun using it.  I don't apply it in the daytime, as I would rather have the full impact at night, which is when I have my problem.  I am reordering it now.

Judy M

(Webmaster's note: since receiving this, we have heard again from Judy, who says: "...I will use it forever if you continue producing the item...." Well, Judy, we promise to keep making it.)
A message from Dr. Hurd:

To everyone who has written to thank us for this product, I wish to offer my sincere appreciation. Your emails and letters give us great satisfaction in what we do here at Trio, and have made this more than just a business for us.

Thank you all.